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Corporate Leadership Program: To Lead

Create a customized in-company leadership program that:

  1. Develops leaders
  2. Creates a Learning Organization
  3. Builds a stronger corporate culture and group identity

The essence of individual leadership development focuses on two core dimensions:

  1. Develop personal leadership that expresses one’s unique interests, talents and aspirations
  2. Develop the capacity to co-create shared leadership and engage various talents around a common ambition.

In other words, managing one’s power with others.

The Three-way Leadership Assessment Process

The Three-way Leadership Assessment Process offers a rigorous and person-centered way to help each person become more self-aware, self-confident and intentional in their own leadership.

Three axes make this process particularly meaningful:

  • One’s personal leadership story
  • Feedback and recognition from others
  • Objective psychometric assessment
Corporate Leadership Workshops

Customized Leadership programs for Canadian senior managers

Corporate Leadership testimonial

"As part of our leadership development at CGI, we wanted to create a program specifically designed for our senior leaders within the organization. Through the John Molson School of Business at Concordia University, we worked together with Francois Héon to develop a custom workshop focusing on individual and collective leadership at CGI. This partnering process was very responsive to our needs, and as a result, we have developed a highly interactive and impactful program focused on growing our leaders in the organization."

Gillian Gurney, Manager, Organizational Development, CGI

International Leadership programs in Europe

Corporate Leadership testimonial: KEMA leadership program

"I am working on a company-wide international Leadership Development program with Francois Heon for the company KEMA. With three facilitators we have worked with over 10 groups of twenty participants and worked on the design of the whole leadership program together. What I value in François is his true appreciative way of perceiving and working with people. François is consistent in bringing out the best in others by pointing at their strengths and building on them. He will also invite you in a very warm manner to rethink yourself, meanwhile making sure that you work through the necessary issues. In our culturally diverse groups, François builds the bridges between the Dutch, Americans, and Chinese. Everyone feels free to open-up, share, participate and develop with him. Leading the training week, François stood out in his eagerness to optimize the effect of our program by raising his concerns and sharing his ideas for improvements. Being as sensitive to processes as he is, those suggestions ‘hit home’ and made a significant contribution to the way in which we develop our leaders for the future. François, thank you, it has been a pleasure. I’m looking forward to the continuation of our work and relationship!"

Franke Jongsma, Manager Human Resource Development – KEMA

The value of leadership development for an entrepreneur

Corporate Leadership testimonial

"Beyond performances, objectives and action plans, there are individuals. François knows how to create with them this intimate bond that enables dialogue. With much humanity and great simplicity, he guides us on the way of reflection. To develop our talents and put them to service, there is the secret which he reveals to us."

Luc Grégoire, CEO – Groupe Action Tandem