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Group Leadership

Leadership development - François Héon collaborators in Canada & internationally

The Group Leadership Seminar helps any group (e.g. board of directors, management team, groups of employees or delegates of all sizes) develop shared leadership by participating in a dynamic, positive and forward looking strategy/team-building experience.

Inspired by the Appreciative Inquiry methodology of organisational change, Group Leadership Seminars focus on two primary aspects in order to develop shared leadership:


1. The Appreciative Assessment helps any group become more confident and cohesive by appreciating the best which brings people together and drives them to achieve.

2. The Wall of Intentions is an original methodology which facilitates any group to define future intentions which can gather and engage people towards common objectives

Often scheduled as strategy/team-building retreats, these interventions cater to “natural teams” (e.g. management teams), or are conducted in the context of larger-scale organizational development interventions.


Ask about the half-day or full day programs. The Group Leadership Seminar is the most efficient way to build group leadership with meaningful impact.

Facilitating a cultural change with a leading mental health institute

Group Leadership testimonial: University Institute in Mental Health of Quebec


"As a new CEO of an organisation in mutation, I quickly felt the need to develop team leadership around a shared vision about our future. To have the support of a professional of François Héon’s quality has been key. He has been inspiring and motivating in our “quest for meaning” and our “working together”. By accompanying our executive team and managers in our strategy meetings, he has led us towards best practices and he is one of the main factors for the success of our ongoing evolution. François makes a significant difference and is an integral part of our strategy."

Simon Racine, M.D., CEO – University Institute in Mental Health of Quebec

Helping farmers be stronger together


Group Leadership testimonial: University Institute in Mental Health of Quebec

"We called-on François Héon to help us envision the future of our organization at a moment when we had just completed a major reform of our territory and bi-laws. The group leadership approach has not only motivated our troops, it also enhanced the sense of belonging. Thanks to Mr. Héon’s dynamic and compelling intervention, our elected officials left with the desire to be better together!”

Sylvain Rheault, Executive Director – Fédération de l’UPA du Centre-du-Québec

A leadership process you can also apply on your own subsequently

Group Leadership testimonial: University Institute in Mental Health of Quebec


"To maximize the development of a strategic planning session, we turned to François. His strength lies in the easy way he coaxes the energy out of each of the participants while encouraging them to share the fruits of their thoughts. He allowed us to recognize our collective successes and work on what would become new challenges. This approach was so appreciated by all the participants that we used it on our own with all our staff in January. It was a success."

Daniel Hébert, Executive Director, Caisse Populaire d’Anjou

Two groups of 50 supervising nurses building shared leadership

Group Leadership testimonial: University Institute in Mental Health of Quebec

"Centre hospitalier affilie - Leadership consulting seminarsIt is thanks to François Héon’s generous and clear-minded facilitation, that managers and Assistant Chief Nurses have been able to appreciate these wonderful development days on February 17 and 19 at the CHA. Good communicator, but most of all, François manages to grasp with amazing speed, sensitivity and accuracy the context in which he is immersed. A consultant gifted with great listening which allows him to appreciate a team’s “collective force” and gives valuable direction based on solid research as well as concrete and powerful examples. He enables participants to make connections with their organisational life and to heighten their awareness of their “collective power”(leadership) in the midst of important changes. He has many strings in his bow."

Jacques Emond, Director of Nursing, Centre hospitalier affilié universitaire de Québec