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1. New book out now: The Essential Mary Parker Follett: Ideas We Need Today

I'm pleased to share with you the launch of my new book, The Essential Mary Parker Follett: Ideas We Need Today, co-edited and co-published with Albie Davis (USA), Jennifer Jones-Patulli (Canada) and Sébastien Damart (France).

The Essential Mary Parker Follett is a comprehensive selection of texts from early 20th-century intellectual pioneer Mary Parker Follett, whose ground-breaking ideas on leadership, diversity, mediation, management and democracy remain impressively relevant in our modern world.

This book presents a selection of her timeless thoughts that can be applied to our professional and personal lives.

The book is available in print or electronic format directly from Amazon!

Praise for the book

“This is an important and long overdue contribution to management literature; one to which every MBA student should be exposed. In resurrecting and organizing the profound insights of Mary Parker Follett, the editors have reconnected us with a pioneering thought leader whose voice has been lost or subdued for way too long. Careful reading will demonstrate the gift the editors have provided in revealing the root ideas behind much of today's post-modern approaches to managing and organizing human behavior.”
Ronald Fry, PhD
Professor of Organizational Behaviour,
Case Western Reserve University

“In an era supercharged by social media where surface level understanding is all that is often visible, this collection by François Héon, Albie Davis, Jennifer Jones-Patulli and Sébastien Damart stands out for its depth, message, simplicity, and impact. I find their work highly appealing in celebrating the forgotten work of one the most original organizational theorists.”
Tojo Thatchenkery, PhD
Professor and Director, Organization Development & Knowledge Management George Mason University and co-author of Appreciative Intelligence: Seeing the Mighty Oak in the Acorn.

"This revival of Mary Parker Follett’s thought is perfectly timed for the challenges of 21st Century leadership. Her emphasis on experiential learning, team work, collaborative problem-solving and conflict resolution are more important than ever for today's dynamic, changing organizations."
David A. Kolb, Ph. D.
Professor Emeritus of Organizational Behavior
Founder and Chairman,
Experience Based Learning Systems, Inc.

Leadership development - François Héon collaborators in Canada & internationally

2. The Yin and Yang of leadership for individuals and groups

This synthesis conference by François Héon presents a dynamic leadership model that is both simple and easy to apply for individuals and groups. Based on his extensive research and experience as an international consultant and manager, François presents how each person and group can develop their Intentional (yang) and Appreciative leadership (yin). Practical examples and easy-to-use strategies are presented along the following four topics:

  1. Developing one’s Intentional Leadership: The Courage to Lead Somewhere
  2. Developing one’s Appreciative Leadership: The Humility to See the Best
  3. Developing Appreciative Leadership in Groups: Becoming One
  4. Developing Intentional Leadership in Groups: Willing as One

Download the Executive Summary of the Yin and Yang Leadership Model which underlies my consulting practice and which can help you in developing your own individual leadership or that of any group to which you belong.

3. The Group Leadership Seminar: An Established Method

For any group of 7 to 777 people, The Group Leadership Seminar is now established as an impressively efficient and accessible way to create group cohesion, alignment and shared leadership.

Whether you have 90 minutes, 3 hours or 7 hours to invest, your group will never be the same.

Find out more about Group Leadership Seminars.

4. Taos Institute PhD: Re-Integrating the PhD journey while offering you the best

I am also joyful to announce my registration into the Taos Institute PhD program this fall.

This long-distance program with advisor Dr. Tojo Thatchenkery, former Case Western Reserve U. classmate and now Professor at George Mason University, will ensure that I remain available for my clients while deepening my own research of the Intentional and Appreciative principles of leadership.

These publications on leadership development are yours to download and share:

More publications coming soon.

Videos and recordings

See François in action in a series of videos recorded for Quebec television channel Canal Vox from 2006 to 2009. Please note that these videos are in French only.*

*Some browsers may not able to view the videos - more formats coming soon!

1. Barack Obama's leadership
(Le leadership de Barack Obama)

2. Group leadership and retreats
(Le leadership d'équipe et les Lacs-à-l'épaule)


3. The management of self
(La gestion de soi)

4. Managing or mastering your time
(Gérer ou maîtriser son temps)


5. Making a meeting an encounter
(Pour qu'une réunion soit aussi une rencontre)

6. Leadership and hope
(Le leadership et l'espoir)


7. The Leadership Question: What do we want to do together?

A 10-minute montage from a study mission in France I organized with Rémi Tremblay and Esse Leadership in 2005 summarizes the most important leadership learning we took back.

French authors Dominique Genelot, Hervé Sérieyx and Albert Jacquard all speak of the importance - in an increasingly complex world - to lead with shared intentions and develop the collective capacity to ask and answer together the leadership question: What do we want to do together?

8. Leadership interview on CBC

What will a captain-less Habs team look like?

Find out by listening to François Héon's interview on CBC radio on September 16, 2014: https://soundcloud.com/cbc-quebec/what-will-a-captain-less-habs-team-look-like

Leadership development - François Héon collaborators in Canada & internationally

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