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Customized Leadership programs for Canadian senior managers

CGI Leadership seminars with Francois HeonAs part of our leadership development at CGI, we wanted to create a program specifically designed for our senior leaders within the organization. Through the John Molson School of Business at Concordia University, we worked together with Francois Héon to develop a custom workshop focusing on individual and collective leadership at CGI. This partnering process was very responsive to our needs, and as a result, we have developed a highly interactive and impactful program focused on growing our leaders in the organization.

Gillian Gurney, Manager, Organizational Development, CGI


Talking Authentically about Authenticity

KEMA Leadership seminars with Francois Heon

When we started looking for someone to come talk to our information systems management team on the topic of authenticity, we were strongly recommended the name of François Héon. François accepted our offer to talk on this sensitive topic with enthusiasm and much respect for our organisation and its values. What better way to talk about authenticity than to be Be Authentic. That is what François offered us with much success and in the most natural way. Since then, trust amongst team members has grown. In all authenticity, thank you François.

Gilles Ricard -- Department of information technology,
Ministry of Culture and Communications, Ministry of Culture and Communications of Quebec


International leadership programs

KEMA Leadership seminars with Francois Heon

I am working on an intensive Leadership Development process with Francois Heon for the company KEMA that I am part of. With three facilitators we have worked with nine groups of twenty participants as well as worked on the design of the whole process. What I value in Francois is his true appreciative way of perceiving and working with people. Francois is consistent in bringing out the best in others by pointing at their strengths and build upon those. He will also invite you in a very warm manner to rethink yourself, meanwhile making sure that you will work through the necessary issues. In our culturally diverse groups Francois builds the bridges between the Dutch, Americans and Chinese. Everyone feels free to open up, share, participate and develop with him. Leading the training week, Francois stood out in his eagerness to optimize the effect of our program by raising his concerns and sharing his ideas for improvements. Being as sensitive to processes as he is, those suggestions `hit home` and made a significant contribution to the way in which we develop our leaders for the future. Thank you, it has been a pleasure. I am looking forward to the continuation of our work and relationship!

Franke Jongsma -- Manager Human Resource Development, KEMA


Helping farmers be stronger together

UPA Leadership seminars with Francois HeonWe called on François Héon to help us strategize our organization's future after a major reorganization of our territory and our regulations. The group leadership approach has not only motivate our troops, but also enhanced the sense of belonging. Thanks to François Héon's involvement, our participants were left with a desire to be better, together!

Sylvain Rheault -- Directeur régional, Fédération de l'UPA du Centre-du-Québec


A leadership process you can subsequently apply on your own

UPA Leadership seminars with Francois HeonFrançois' strength lies in his ability to bring forward the energy of each particpant and encouraging them to share their thoughts. He allowed us to recognize our collective successes and work on what would become new challenges. This approach was very appreciated by all the participants; we used it with the rest of our employees last january. It was a success!

Daniel Hébert -- Directeur général, Desjardins Caisse populaire d'Anjou


Supporting intelligent health care professionals be brighter together

CHUQ Leadership seminars with Francois HeonI have had numerous occasions to see and appreciate François’ great talents during various development activities offered to managers at Quebec’s University Hospital (CHUQ).What pleasure it has been to collaborate with him to the success of such meaningful activities. Mr. Héon, is without any doubt, a reference in the field of human resources, a leader, a speaker, an animator, an expert gifted with boundless creativity who knows how to touch the hearts of people…Who knows how to grasp the meaning of organisational intentions… and who knows how to bring out the best in each one of us. Here is an indispensable resource for the development of your employees, your teams and your organisation.

Jean Bouchard, Industrial Psychologist,
Department of Human Resources and Development of Competencies, University Hospital of Quebec (CHUQ)


Facilitating a cultural change with a leading mental health institute

Mental Health Leadership seminars with Francois HeonAs a new CEO of an organisation in mutation, I quickly felt the need to develop a team leadership to develop a shared vision about our future. To have the support of a professional of François Héon’s quality has been key. He has been inspiring and motivating in our “quest for meaning” and our “working together”. By accompanying our executive team and managers in our strategy meetings, he has led us towards best practices and he is one of the main factors for the success of our ongoing evolution. François makes a significant difference and is an integral part of our strategy.

Simon Racine, M.D.-- CEO, University Institute in Mental Health of Quebec


The value of leadership development for an entrepreneur

Beyond performances, objectives and action plans, there are individuals. François knows how to create with them an intimate bond that enables dialogue. With much humanity and great simplicity, he guides us on the way of reflection. To develop our talents and put them to service, this is the secret that he reveals to us.

Luc Grégoire, CEO, Groupe Action Tandem


Speaking about leadership with pharmacists

Mental Health Leadership seminars with Francois HeonMr. Héon was fully capable of adapting his conference on leadership to our own particular situation. He found eloquent and pertinent examples that related to our professional and personal lives. He is an attentive and stimulating conference leader.

Diane Lamarre, President of Quebec’s Order of Pharmacists


Two groups of 50 supervising nurses building shared leadership

Mental Health Leadership seminars with Francois HeonIt is thanks to François Héon’s generous and clear-minded participation, that managers and Assistant Chief Nurses have been able to appreciate these wonderful development days on February 17 and 19 at the CHA. Good communicator, but most of all, François manages to grasp with amazing speed, sensitivity and accuracy the context in which he is immersed. A consultant gifted with great listening which allows him to appreciate a team’s “collectice force” and gives valuable direction based on solid research as well as concrete and powerful examples. He enables participants to make connections with their organisational life and to heighten their awareness of their “collective power”(leadership) in the midst of important changes. He has many strings to his bow!

Jacques Emond -- Director of Nursing, Centre hospitalier affilié universitaire de Québec